Worst memories of 2019: Israeli troops kill Palestinian mother at checkpoint

Jan 02,2020

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement that Israeli forces prevented its medics from reaching the girl and providing her with first aid.

Do you remember? Israeli occupation forces shot and killed Palestinian 50-year-old Palestinian mother of nine at Qalandia Checkpoint in occupied West Bank in the morning of 18 September 2019.

Witnesses said that the Israeli troops with rifles wearing private security uniforms confronted Nayfa Ka’abna, a mother of nine children, standing several metres away.

A shot was heard and she collapsed, dropping an item to the ground, which one of the Israeli occupation troops then kicked it out of reach.

The witnesses said the mother was shot four times after missing a pedestrian lane at Qalandia, the most significant Israeli checkpoint separating occupied Jerusalem from the central West Bank.

Mohammed Hammad Jaradat, a bystander from Jerusalem, said that the mother had seemingly entered the wrong section of the checkpoint on foot and was trying to reach the bus section.

Israeli security forces then started shouting at her and chasing after her, at which point, Jaradat said, she lifted up a small knife

“They could have controlled her,” Jaradat said. “They were five soldiers and she was some seven metres away. They deliberately killed her, not only to kill her, but to scare us Palestinians who cross the checkpoint every day travelling between Ramallah and Jerusalem.”

“Video footage of the incident shows the woman standing some distance away from the Israeli guards when they shot her dead,” said Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa Saleh Higazi.

He added: “She did not appear to be carrying a firearm and did not pose any immediate threat to the guards or to the lives of people in the vicinity when they opened fire. This strongly suggests that her killing may have been unlawful.”

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