Settlers attacked me for helping Palestinians, 80-year-old rabbi says

Oct 18,2019

Israeli army spokesperson recognised that Jewish settlers carried out the attacks, but the Israeli authorities have never punished the settlers for such repeated aggressions.

Extremist Jewish settlers physically assaulted Rabbis for Human Rights activists this week near Palestinian village of Burin in northern West Bank, the human rights organisation said.

The activists said they had arrived at the village to assist Palestinian farmers to harvest their olive trees and that Jewish settlers attacked them with iron polls, hurled stones at them and set the olive groves on fire.

The Israeli army confirmed that altercations took place in the village, and that the fire that broke out there was caused by arson, claiming that one of the settlers was arrested.

A spokesperson of the Israeli occupation army said one of the settlers came from the direction of the illegal settlement of Yitzhar, and that a Golani brigade force was called to the scene.

Moshe Yehudai, an 80-year-old rabbi member on the Rabbis for Human Rights executive board, sustained wounds to his head and legs.

He was transferred to the Israeli Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava. Israeli police crews and paramedics were also called to the scene, while other volunteers were evacuated from the area.


On Wednesday, six Palestinian cars were found vandalised by Israeli Jewish settlers in the West Bank Palestinian village of Deir Ammar northwest of Ramallah.

In addition to having their tires punctured, cars were spray-painted with Israeli star and hate slogans in Hebrew including the phrase “when brothers are murdered, our duty is not to forget.” The Israel Police are allegedly investigating.

Last week there was a similar vandalism incident carried out by extremist Jewish settlers on cars and the walls of homes in the Palestinian village of Qira, further to the north in the West Bank near Ariel.

In that incident, video footage shows several masked Jewish settlers entering the village and puncturing the tires of 13 Palestinian cars.

The settlers also spray-painted a wall in Hebrew with the slogan “There is no place in the country for the enemy” as well as another one almost identical to the one in Deir Amar, stating “When they harm Jews, our duty is not to forget.”

The head of the local council for Qira, Aisha Nimr, said “this indicates a dangerous escalation on part of the settlers.”

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